13 Pce Resistance Band Fitness Exercise Set

  • Dispatched From The UK Fast And Free
  • Strong Cushioned Foam Handles With Zinc Alloy Clips And D-Ring
  • Elastic Bands Made Of Latex Tubing Used For Strength Training
  • Light Weight, Portable And Space Saving Exercise Equipment
  • Single Dipper Latex Tube – The Natural Latex Is Over 99.998% Free Of Soluble Proteins (Latex Allergens)
  • Perfect For Yoga, ABS workout
  • Designed To Effectively Building Muscle Strength And Tone The Body
  • A Variety Of Exercise That Specific Muscle Groups
  • Easily Creating Over 30 Different Resistance Levels By Attaching Or All 5 Bands To The Handle
  • Can Be Easily Set up & Removed In Seconds Easy to Maintain And Keep Clean
Items Included
2 x Ankle Strap
1 x Door Anchor
2 x Foam Hand Grips
1 x Black Carry Bag
7 x Color Coded Resistance Bands,
• 1 Yellow Resistance Band (Extra Light) approx 10 lbs,
• 1 Red Resistance Band (Light) approx 15 lbs,
• 1 Blue Resistance Band (Medium) approx 20 lbs,
• 1 Green Resistance Band (Heavy) approx 25 lbs,
• 1 Black Resistance Band (Extra Heavy) approx 30 lbs
• 1 Blue O-Ring Resistance Band approx 35 lbs,
• 1 Blue Figure 8 Resistance Band approx 35 lbs


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